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Domain Name Registration

.Name Domain Names & Email Addresses

NOW AVAILABLE AS 2nd Level Domains - Try a LastName.NAME!

Domains and e-mail addresses for Life!

.Name logoNames are an essential part of our lives. Now, with dot name, your name can be central to your life online also. When you buy a .name, you're buying an Internet address as individual and unique as you. You can create your own Web site and use your .name as an address through which you can have all your e-mail forwarded. But these services are just the beginning. Your .name could soon become a single contact point and storage place for personal information that you can access anywhere, anytime.

What's in a .name?

A dot name domain has two or three 'levels'. The first level is the actual '.name' suffix or extension or TLD and the second and third levels are your first and/or last name. So a .name web address will look like this: Firstname.Lastname.name, Last.First.name or simply LastName.name! Your e-mail address will be easy to remember too: First-name@Last-name.name or Last-name@First-name.name.

As of January, 2004 you can now register secondary level .names! Dot-name now has opened its second level namespace, and goes from a special interest, third level top level domain to a mainstream, second level domain space for individuals worldwide. You can register not only firstname.lastname.name but also just lastname.name. If your name is Jennifer Smith you can register jennifer.smith.name, j.smith.name, jen.smith.name, jenn.smith.name or even smith.jennifer.name and now as of January, 2004 you can register things like jennifer.name or smith.name! There are so many possibilities.

Why register a .name?

  • You can make a name for yourself online. Because dot name is specifically designed for individuals, grabbing your own personal territory on the web is simple.
  • It makes life simpler. The only thing someone needs to remember to access your online website and email is your own name.
  • It makes staying in touch so easy. Your dot name is extremely simple for your friends and relatives to remember.
  • It's always there. Wherever you are in the world, whatever stage you have reached in your life, however you're connected to the web - your .name will be always be accessible.
  • It's global. The dot-name domain zone is a world-wide standard like .com or .org.
  • It will develop into a unified 'digital identity'. One day soon you could use your .name as your digital signature to buy things online without giving away your card details, it could be your online address book or your universal address for everything from your email to your mobile phone.
  • Your .name domain is non-commercial. It's your name and .name - and that's it! Order your .NAME domain now!

Prices for DOT-NAME Domain and E-mail Registrations

.Name 1-Year 2-Year 10-Year
.name domain registration only (2nd or 3rd level) $14.89 $28.29 $133.99
.name email fwd address only (3rd Level) $19.89 $37.79 $178.99
.name domain+email fwd combo (3rd Level) $29.89 $56.79 $268.99
.name NameWatch Service $75.00 $150.00 $500.00

Check Availability of your Third Level .Name


Interested in registering a second level dot-name (e.g. my-first-or-last.name)? Use our regular domain search box.


.Name Frequently Asked Questions

.Name Domains

.Name Email

NameWatch Services

.Name Dispute Resolution

Why would I want a .name domain?

A dot-name domain provides you with a more personal alternative to the popular .com domain name extension by making it easy for someone to remember your web and e-mail addresses because it is your very own name! Register your dot name.



What is allowed in a .name domain registration and what is not?

You can register your name in numerous combinations. Here are a few examples: Bob.Jones.name, Jones.Bob.name, B.Jones.name, J.Bob.name, Bob.name, and Jones.name.

There are, however, a few dot name registration restrictions. You cannot register an initial on the second level. For example, these dot name registrations are not allowed: J.name or B.name. Check your dot-name.

www. . .name  



What are the registration terms for .name domains and services?

Second or third level Dot Name domains, third level dot name e-mail forwarding addresses, and the NameWatch service are available in 1, 2, and 10 year renewable registration terms. You can order a .name domain, a .name email forwarder, or both as a combo. All domains are registered in real time. Buy your .name today!



What is special about .name email forwarding?

In dot name, registrations are done on the third level, enabling sharing of the same family or surname all over the world. Normally an email address would therefore be on the fourth level, of the type mail@John.Smith.name. To provide a simpler email address, .name proposes an entirely new uniquely developed technology that allows a third level domain to have a normal second level email address. With dot Name Email Forwarding a user can have an email address like firstname@lastname.name.

The email forwarding service will accept incoming email to a firstname@lastname.name personal and unique address and will forward that email to any address specified by the registrant. Dot name registrants must have a pre-existing email account (through work, an ISP, etc.) to use this service. The service will only offer incoming message forwarding to registered users, and will not provide outgoing SMTP relaying for any users.

The Corresponding Name Service of a Domains firstname.example.name will be the Email Forwarding address firstname@example.name, and vice versa.



How does .name email forwarding work?

The dot name Registry will provide an Email Forwarding service enabling firstname@lastname.name email addresses to be registered on second-level .name Domains.

Registrations for the Email Forwarding service will be done in batches during the Landrush period in the same way as for Domains. Upon receiving a registration request for an Email Forwarding address if the second-level domain has not been used previously, the .name Registry will enter an MX (mail exchanger) resource record in the zone file for the second-level domain that references a mail exchanger operated by the .name Registry. This process will not block the chosen second-level domain from usage for normal domain-name registrations.

The user name firstname must comply with the requirements for third-level labels in registered Domains within .name. The registrant has the following options: Register both Domains and Email Forwarding (e.g. firstname.example.name, and firstname@example.name), if both are available; Register the Domains product only, if it is available (e.g. firstname.example.name); or Register the Email Forwarding product only, if it is available (e.g. firstname@example.name).

Upon registration of a dot name address, the Corresponding Name Service will be reserved for 120 days, if it is not already registered. During this period, a person attempting to register the domain name firstname.example.name would be prevented from doing so if a different person had already registered the Email Forwarding address firstname@example.name. During this reservation period, the registrant will have the option to register the Corresponding Name Service.

During the reservation period, only the Authorized Registrar that originally registered the Name may register the Corresponding Name Service to the registrant. If the Corresponding Name Service remains unregistered after the reservation period expires, it will be released into the pool of globally available names. The .name Registry reserves the right to change the reservation period upon ninety (90) days notice to the Authorized Registrars.



What are the restrictions on .name email forwarding?

The .name Registry has reserved the right to restrict the Email Forwarding service to operate inside the following restrictions:

  • Maximum Number of messages in the email forwarding queue from one user at a time will be limited to 500, after which the .name Registry may bounce messages to the specific user.
  • The .name Registry may bounce messages if the total email forwarding queue for one user reaches a size of 50 MB.
  • The .name Registry may stop forwarding of messages that are larger than 20 MB in size.
  • The .name Registry may block users that receive more than 3000 emails in any 24-hour period.
  • The .name Registry may control the number of mails received and the quantity of email forwarded by the Email Forwarding service in order to maintain a stable, secure and reliable service.



What is the NameWatch service?

The NameWatch service provides subscribers with a report summarizing all new registrations made under .name that match a key term. Both Domains and Email forwarding addresses registered at the .name registry will be covered in one report. For example, if you take out an annual subscription on the term JKL, they would receive an electronic report on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (as they choose) for the duration of the year, featuring every name newly registered under .name that includes JKL (such as john.jkl.name or jklept.jones.name).

Intellectual property owners monitor for use of their trademarks in the real world by subscribing to watching services that cover all applications for trademarks made at national trademark registries. If the watch service report highlights an application that is similar or identical to one of these trademarks, the trademark owner may file an objection with the registrar or take other legal action.

The NameWatch service helps intellectual property owners extend this coverage to the .name registry. A NameWatch subscription will alert trademark owners to new .name registrations made by third parties that, if they are infringing or being used to point to a web site with infringing material, can be challenged under the UDRP or through the courts.

NameWatch subscriptions appeal to intellectual property owners who want to protect their trademarks - though company secretaries, brand enforcement specialists or anyone else concerned with preserving the integrity of a trademark, brand or company name may also subscribe. Celebrities will also be concerned with who is registering variations of their names.

The NameWatch service does not depend upon unique registrations. The same string can be on watch for different entities. As an example, two different entities may want to monitor the registrations on sub-strings or matches of i.e. "NewCo", and both entities will therefore have an identical string on watch and be equally notified.

Each report provide an incremental summary of the names measured since the last report.



What are the limitations on the NameWatch service?

It only watches new filings, not deletions, transfers, expirations or changes in data. We cannot accept subscriptions for one or two character terms (such as BE) because of the potentially very high number of matches. Nor can we monitor for terms more than 63 characters long. We do however, accept character strings with hyphens.



What are the .name dispute-resolution policies?

Information about the .name dispute resolution or UDRP policies for all registrars can be found on the ICANN site at http://www.icann.org/udrp/udrp.htm.



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