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Domain Name Registration

Available Top Level Domains

Web Design by Cookie (WDBC), a member of the Better Business Bureau Connecticut, provides low cost domain name registration services for its clients and web site viewers in partnership with Dotster and other ICANN accredited domain name registrars. We are a authorized Dotster dotReseller and Accredited CentralNIC Registrar. The following global Top Level Domains (gTLDs) and Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) are available for registration through the WDBC web site. Check out our prices and compare to other leading registrars. Our prices they're some of the cheapest around!

.AM - The Address for Today's Broadcasting Industry

Dot AMA premium .AM (DOT-AM) domain name will; 1) brand your radio stations presence on the Internet; 2) provide relevance to your stations over all marketing and imaging campaign both On Air & Online; 3) provide uniqueness to your station that is unmatched by a .COMmon domain; 4) provide ease of use and top of mind awareness for your listeners, clients, and On Air personalities .AM a tag used, on the air, as often as your call letters.; 5) .AM is THE Premium Internet Address for Today's Broadcasting Industry! Get a premium .AM domain for $75.00 a year!



.AT - Austria

dot-at ccTLD for AustriaDesigned for Austrian citizens and businesses, however, anyone can register a .at domain since its unrestricted. This is a great extension because thousands of the best names are still available! Register your .at domain name today for $79.89 per year.


.BE - Be Online

dot-bePerfect if you want to BE online. The .be extension is the official top level domain for Belgium. This great new extention was designed as a country code for Belgium, but is open for use by anyone. Great dot-be domains are still available. Get your .be domain today for only $39.89 per year.


.BIZ - Nothing Personal Just Business

.BIZ (DOT-BIZ) domain names are for businesses who would like to create a unique web-presence. The .BIZ Internet domain caters exclusively to the needs of companies large and small around the world – individuals need not apply. Registrations for this Top Level Domain are available for $28.29 for two years at a savings of 5% off our yearly rate of $14.89. Register your dot biz domain name today.


.BZ - Dot BZ Means Business

BZThe .bz domain name extension is an unrestricted and largely untapped domain name space on the Internet. It is therefore an ideal opportunity for businesses and consumers that have been unable to register their desired name in other TLD or ccTLD flavors. It also makes a great alternative to both .com and .biz. Order your dot BZ domain name for $34.89/yr or save up to 10% with our graduated multiyear pricing plan.


.CA - oh Canada!

dot-caA dot-ca domain name can be part of an online marketing strategy for any company with a Canadian target market, whether they conduct e-commerce transactions or simply provide information through their website. Choose a Canadian domain (i.e. dot-ca) to let your customers know that you have a Canadian presence. The two-letter “CA” extension is patriotic, emotionally appealing and more trusted than dot-com domains since Canadians know that dot-ca means Canada. In order to register a dot-ca domain, the registrant must meet the Canadian Presence Requirements. Register your .CA domain for $19.95 USD per year.


.CC - The Universal Internet Address

Dot CC Domain Names.CC domain names are well-known across the Internet, also making them a great alternative to .com. Protect your brand identity by registering a .cc domain name today. Your own .cc name can be yours for only $39.89 for 1 year or $75.79 for 2 years. Get it before its gone.


.CD - Rip and Burn A Great Sounding Domain Name

.CD is suitable for the music industry (Compact Disc), for automobile manufacturers or dealers, who would like to create a Car-Dealer network, or for the own Corporate Design. Not to be forgotten is the fact that many great domain names are still available, whereas they might be taken with other strings ("Cool Domain"). Register you own .CD Web Address today.


.CH - Swiss Domains

dot-ch Swiss Domain NamesAnother great opportunity for premium domains. Although created for Switzerland, the .ch domain names are available for anyone to register. Whether you're trying to reach a Swiss audience or want a great domain and the .com is taken, dot-ch fits the bill. A .ch domain can be yours today for $119.89 per year.


.COM - Commercial

dot comThe dot COM (.COM) domain name extension is one of the very first Top-Level Domains (TLDs) established when the internet was in its infancy -- way back in the 1980's. During its public release in 1995, it became one of three unsponsored and unrestricted global TLDs available for use around the world. Since it is one of the original extensions and it is unrestricted (i.e. anyone can register an address with this extension), over the years many good web addresses have been reserved. This coveted extension was originally intended for commercial registrants. Register a .com for any type of Web site, from commercial to personal. Registrations for this global Top Level Domain names are available at WDBC's low $14.89 price for a one year registration term. You can save up to 10% more off our low base price when you register a .COM domain name for more than one year. Check to see if your coveted .COM domain name is available for registration!


.CN - China's Internet Address

DOT CN - China's Domain NamesBy registering your .cn domain name(s) you will be able to expand your business into a newly accessible Chinese marketplace, introduce your business to a potential online customer base that exceeds 56 million people, safeguard your brand name and corporate identity and secure a domain name that is simple, memorable and high-profile. Don't wait! Get into the Asian marketplace before your competition does. Register your .cn domain name now for $34.89 USD per year or less.


.DE - German Domains

dot-deDot-de domain names are the fastest way to get your web site in front of a German audience. Anyone can register a .de domain, no matter where you're from. Get noticed in Deutschland with a .de domain name today. Dot-de domains can be registered for one year at a time for $39.89 USD.


.DK - Danish Domain Names

dot-dk domainsThis unrestricted ccTLD is available to anyone serving as a great way to either attract a Danish audience or to distinguish yourself as a Danish citizen or business. Get your .dk domain right now for just $39.89 per year.


.FM - A Great Sounding Address

Dot FM.FM (DOT-FM) is perfect for radio broadcasting, Internet-Only stations, and broadcast service providers. With .FM as an Internet-Domain you have the possibility of establishing a unique internet presence targeted at the listeners of each radio station. Its just like a .com address, however there are millions more .FM addresses available. Click HERE to register or search for a .FM Web Address.



.FR - French Domain Names

dot-fr logoThis restricted ccTLD for France is available to businesses with a local French address only. Up to five .fr domains can be registered and all must be related to the name(s) on their Kbis company registration certificate. If you're a business with a French address and want the world to know, register your .fr domain today for $99.89 per year.


.INFO - Where the World Goes for Information

.INFO logo.INFO (DOT-INFO) names are your opportunity to reach a worldwide audience with information about you, your products, and your ideas. Intuitive, easy to use, and universally recognized. Only $28.29 for a two year registration with additional multiyear discounts available for longer terms at low .com/.net/.org prices. Register your .INFO gTLD.


.IT - Italian Domains

.it domainsDot-it domains are open for registration to any European Union person or company. Individuals can only register one domain; Companies can register multiple domains. The European Union consists of Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden. If you meet these criteria, a .it domain name can be yours for just $39.89 per year.



dot-laNow available for all to register, the .LA (dot-LA) domain represents the first TLD to represent a single city. Any business, organization, or individual interested in taking advantage of this vast marketing opportunity can now easily register this domain extension! Put your domain in the lights of dotLA. Not Hollywood centric? Its also a great domain for individuals or businesses in Louisiana and Latin America. Register your .LA today!


.MD - The Healthcare Domain

dot-MD the Healthcare DomainDot-MD domain names will connect the entire health care community, from individual doctors and nurses to hospitals, educational sites and more. A .md Web address will instantly distinguish a Web site as being related to health care. Thousands of professionals and companies in the health care industry are already utilizing .md for their branding and marketing efforts, including some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Available in 1, 2, or 5 year registration terms. Register your .md domain today for only $129.89 per year or less.


dot-Mobi - The Internet Made Mobile.MOBI - Internet Made Mobile

Dot-mobi is the first and only top level domain dedicated to users who access the Internet through their mobile phones. General registration of .mobi names began on September 26, 2006 and is now open to everyone. Available in 2, 5, or 10 year registration terms. Register your .mobi domain today for only $24.99 per year.


.NAME - Email and Web addresses for life!

.Name logoNames are an essential part of our lives. Now, with .name, your name can be central to your online life too. And since your .name can be registered for up to 10 years and ownership is renewable, your .name really can be yours for life. This restricted domain name follows the format: firstname.lastname.NAME or firstintial.lastname.NAME and as of January, 2004 now you can register lastname.name! Companies or organizations need not apply since dot name is the first and only global top-level domain (gTLD) for individuals, approved by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in November 2000. Learn more about DOT-NAME. WDBC offers both personalized DOT-NAME addresses as an e-mail only, domain only, and as a combination package of both domain and e-mail. Check our current prices for further details. Let your .name speak by registering a secondary level or tertiary level .NAME domain!



.NET - Network Providers

Dot Net Domain NamesLike .COM, .NET is an unrestricted, unsponsored domain name extension. It was originally intended for network providers but anyone can register a .NET domain. It was introduced in 1995 as one of the first seven global Top-Level Domain names along with .COM, .ORG, .MIL, .EDU, .GOV, and .INT. Dot-NET domains are available for 1-, 2-, 5-, and 10-year registration terms. The longer your registration term, the greater your savings! Our base .NET registration price is similar to other global TLDs like .COM and .ORG at an everyday low price of $14.89 for one year. Register your .NET domain while its still available.


.NL - Netherland Domain Names

dot-nl Dutch Domains Dot-nl domains are the country code top level domain (ccTLD) of the Netherlands. Specifically for Dutch citizens, a local address is required for .nl registration. Dutch citizens are limited to one .nl domain each; Dutch companies can register multiple .nl domains. Get your .nl domain today for $49.89 per year.



.NU - The best websites are .NU websites

.NU logo.NU is a hot domain for Everyone. Young Internet users and small companies everywhere are adopting the .nu domain. These are Internet users who are new and want to stand out from the crowd. A .NU Web Address works just like a .COM address but there are millions more .NU addresses available. A minimum 2 year registration period is required. Register your un.COMmon domain today for $34.95 or less per year.


.ORG - Serving the Public's Interest

Dot Org Logo - Serving the Public Interest.ORG domains have traditionally been used for non-profit agencies, however they were originally intended for use by anyone who felt they didn't fit into the .com or .net category. The .ORG extension was one of the originally created global TLDs and became available in 1995. Like its original counterparts .COM and .NET, the .ORG domain is unrestricted and open to any individual or company regardless of country of origin making it a truly global extension. Use your dot org domain for things like arts and culture, science, personal projects, education, politics, religion, community, or anything you can think of. The possibilities are limitless! Your own .org name can be yours for only $14.89 for 1 year, $28.29 for 2 years, $68.49 for five years, or $129.69 for 10 years.


.SR - A Domain for Seniors

.SRDot-SR (.SR) was established in 2001 as the premier country code top-Level domain (ccTLD) for the Republic of Suriname but branded to the baby boom generation of "Seniors". .SR domain names are a great way for seniors to obtain personalized e-mail addresses and Web addresses specific to their interests and needs. .Sr domains are also an excellent choice for businesses that need to reach senior citizens. It is a great choice for companies targeting products, services and programs directly to the 50+ generation of "Baby Boomers" around the world. Search for your .sr domain for $275.00 or less for 1 year.


.TK - Dividing Domains Differently

.TK Logo

Dot TK is Dividing Domains Differently. The domain is from Tokelau Islands. One of Dot TK's primary objectives is to continue to build its user base of individuals and small businesses interested in Tokelau, its customs, its culture and its beauty. Dot tk domains come as either a FREE or PAID domain. The goal of the Tokelau Internet Project is to provide the communications and educational technologies needed on the island. Register a FREE or PAID dot tk Web address today!


.TO - .To BE YOURSELF (or any name you want)

Register Your .TO domain name Now!Try a Dot-To domain name from the Tonic Registry. Dot To is the country code top level domain for Tonga. Dot TO names work worldwide exactly the same as do .COM names and there's many more good to names available, so try something like welcome.to. They're TOtally cool! Register your .TO domain name today.



.TVCutting edge thinkers and established brands around the globe are adopting .tv — THE Web address for dynamic online content-as their home on the Web. Whether you are building a Web site with streaming video or just want a great way to make your Web site stand out from the crowd, a .tv Web address is the perfect address for you. Register a .tv Web address today!


.UK - Great Britain

.UK domains are great for letting the world know that you're based in the UK. Anyone, anywhere can register a .UK address. .co.uk is suggested for suggested for commercial use, .org.uk for non-commercial use, and .me.uk for creating a unique British identity for individuals. All dot-uk domains have excellent availability. Register your commercial, non-commercial or personal .uk domain today for only $59.89 for two years.


.US - America's Internet Address

.US LogoDot-US, the official country code Top-Level-Domain of the United States, is "AMERICA'S INTERNET ADDRESS" where citizens, businesses, organizations and government agencies establish unique, memorable American identities online. Whether you represent a business, work for the government or are simply proud to be an American, a .us address can be yours today if you're a US citizen or business. Get your .us domain today for only $28.29 for 2 years, $68.49 for 5 years and $129.69 for 10 years.


.WS - WebSite

.WS is WebSite.WS is the domain name known for WebSites. Officially it is the ccTLD of Western Samoa. Lots of great domains are still available and there are no restrictions on who can register a .WS domain. Register your .ws now for $69.78 for the first two years.


Third Level Global Domains

Global Domains - Over 15 .COMsIf you've been wanting to register "whatever.com" and it hasn't been available, you might just be able to get "whatever.us.com" in its place. These unrestricted domain names are now widely available on a first come, first serve basis. WDBC has introduced a series of two-letter, geo-specific, domain names from CentralNic. WDBC is a CentralNIC Accredited Registrar. These domain names include US.COM (United States), EU.COM (European Union), UK.COM (United Kingdom), CN.COM (China), JPN.COM (Japan), RU.COM (Russia), DE.COM (Germany) and twelve others that represent the world's most populated countries. Its a dot COM domain and also a name that relates to a specific country or region allowing for the creation of a simultaneous local and global Internet identity. Think Globally, Act Locally. Register your Global Domain today.


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